Angel Hair Systems designed especially for children suffering from hair loss.

It’s the generosity of donors that ensures Angel Hair Foundation can provide the highest quality hair prosthesis. Designed especially for patients suffering from hair loss, an Angel Hair System is more than just a wig.

When delivering Angel Hair, patients can be heard saying “it looks so real”, “it feels so real”, “I look like me again!”.

Here are a few facts about what makes an Angel Hair System so unique:

  • Angel Hair Systems are made with human hair, each strand of hair having been individually tied to the cranial cap. This allows recipients to wash and style their Angel Hair as usual.
  • Angel Hair systems are custom ordered to match the fit and personality of the children we serve. Patients can select from a variety of color and length, and of course, can request for their Angel Hair to be cut and styled in nearly any fashion they desire.
  • The cranial cap used in an Angel Hair System is made from a breathable mesh, allowing it to mold and fit securely to the unique shape and size of each recipient. Designed to fit directly on top of skin, the cranial cap even allows a child’s own skin tone to show through, giving a natural look at the hair’s part line.
  • Designed and fit with medical-grade adhesive tabs, an Angel Hair system provides such a secure fit that patients can play sports and even swim without the concern of their hair falling off. These adhesive tabs can then be retrofitted to accommodate hair clips for when a patient’s own hair is beginning to grow back.