Angel Hair Foundation is a private, nonprofit organization that helps kids in Oregon who have suffered hair loss due to a medical illness (cancer or alopecia).

The foundation provides the funding needed to purchase an “Angel Hair System.” This superior-quality, medical prosthesis provides kids with confidence and self-esteem and allows them to swim, sleep and play without fear of the prosthesis falling off or slipping.

Kids can choose from a selection of different hair styles, colors and lengths. Each hair system is custom ordered and made with some of the softest material for the “cap” that sits on the head and 100% human hair that gives a completely natural appearance. It is secured on the head with medical adhesive and will stay in place until the child wants to take it off.

When dealing with cancer and medical bills, even middle-class families cannot prioritize the purchase of a $2,300 – $2,600 hair system over large medical bills, mortgage payments, food, insurance and more.

Angel Hair Foundation has no income guidelines. We believe in being a resource for all families facing these huge challenges, not filling out countless forms for approval. Our services are designed to cause no extra stress on the child—kids know exactly how much financial strain their parents are under—or on parents trying to give their child any comfort or advantage in fighting his/her illness.