Our history

Staci Wright was in the eighth grade when she was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma, a type of bone cancer, and began 10 months of chemotherapy and five weeks of radiation therapy. Staci felt sad and depressed about losing her hair and didn’t want to go to school. Her parents were able to research and purchase a prosthetic hair system. Immediately, Staci felt more confident and was able to socialize without anxiety. But when she continued to meet other kids struggling with hair loss at the hospital, she decided to do something about it.

Staci and her mother, Debbie, started Angel Hair Foundation in 2007 to purchase hair systems for kids facing hair loss in Oregon. We are thrilled to say that Staci is healthy, happy and in med school pursuing her dream of curing cancer!

Angel Hair Kids



Junell had just celebrated the end of her youth cheer competition season and was looking forward to the final months of her 8th grade year when she discovered a lump on her thigh that led to a diagnosis of a soft tumor sarcoma, stage four. Facing hair loss, Junell took control and cut her hair prior to losing it due to chemo treatment. Watch more of Junell’s story here.



Brenna’s passion is softball but a diagnosis of Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) cut her season short. Brenna’s self-conscience nerves gave way to smiles, excitement and joy when she viewed herself with her new Angel Hair. “It looks just like me,” said Brenna. “I can French braid my hair again! I’ve missed that. I always wear my hair in French braids.” Watch more of Brenna’s story here.



An avid drawer and fan of Harry Potter, Kaylee is known by her family and friends for her kind, sweet, joyful personality. And of course, for her beautiful curly hair! “I felt really scared and nervous about my hair falling off,” said Kaylee. But with her new Angel Hair, Kaylee said she felt “confident, like my normal self.” Watch more of Kaylee’s story here.



Described by her parents as smart, feisty and bright spirited, Khloe’s larger-than-life personality has seen her through not just one but two battles with cancer. To hear more of Khloe’s journey and what her Angel Hair System has meant to her, click on the video above.



Even at such a young age, hair loss can bring a lack of confidence and decrease in self-esteem. Wearing a winter cap to cover her bald head, young Rubi was all smiles as she walked into the room to receive her Angel Hair. Her only request: that her new hair look just like Dora the Explorer!



Kate loves puppies, art, trips to the toy store, dancing, and anything Disney! “Kate loved her Angel Hair immediately,” said Kate’s mom. Her Angel Hair “provides a comfort. Kate can go to school, dance class, and perform on stage just like everybody else.”



Julea’s passion is on the stage. She has been in nine drama productions and two choirs, including an advanced tour. At age 15, Julea worried about missing out on all that high school offers as she faced hair loss due to battling cancer. Fortunately, Angel Hair Foundation was able to provide her with an Angel Hair System just before her Spring Ball. “It’s nice to have hair again,” said Julea. “It’s super beautiful. Thank you!”



Karrah loves to climb trees, ride her bicycle, listen to country music, and play with her pet bunny, Thumper. “The scariest part was when the doctor told me that I was going to lose my hair,” remembers Karrah about her cancer. “Then a friend from the hospital showed me her Angel Hair and it looked so real.”



A typical teenage girl, Alina loves chatting/texting on her phone and hanging out with friends. She loves to play games (like “Truth or Dare”). When she saw herself in the mirror with her Angel Hair System she said, “This means EVERYTHING to me! I love playing with my hair!”



Liz is 16 and has already raised over $5000 for Angel Hair Foundation with her #LizStrong Booster Campaign and has started another funderraiser for us! She loves playing lacrosse, hanging out with friends, doing nails, hiking and playing with her dog, Della.



Jazmyn is 15 years old and an aspiring actress who has the personality and exuberance to be just that! She was recently featured in her High School play!



Jessica is 15 and active in her church, Salem First Free Methodist.  She goes to her youth group every Wednesday and does community service and mission trips. She likes classic rock and whatever is on the radio. She likes the song ‘Jesus Takes the Wheel’, by Carrie Underwood.



Kat is 14 and anything but a “typical teenager”! This outgoing, happy girl is a swimmer, runner and volleyball player who listens to Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift. What sets this vivacious girl apart from the rest is her amazing spirit and confidence. When she received her Angel Hair System she said “I feel like me! Pretty! Pretty! Pretty!”